What's it like to be an average American? Do most authors really know? Do most authors really care? The writing on this site will attempt to capture America in words through creative writing. However, the stories, papers, letters, articles, and poetry has not been produced for mass consumption by those with hidden agendas. The work is not that of a bored housewife or well-connected nephew. The voice is not an angry minority or a privileged old rich kid. The values are not of the ultra-conservative or the tree-hugging liberal. 

The writing addresses any topic the author found interesting, sometimes observing and sometimes lambasting. Some ideas are better than others. In America, anyone can write. Few write well, and most of those waste their skills on convincing other Americans of something or other. McNewsy doesn't necessarily report real news or provide real philosophy, but it gets close sometimes. Like America, the ideas are not always perfect, but they get close sometimes. The writing is a reflection of the most powerful country in the world at a very specific time in history.